Experience Natural Beaded Rows

Natural Beaded Rows or “NBR”, are the most comfortable, light-weight hair extensions without all the damage of traditional hair extension methods! 

NBR™ Extensions

–  There is no tape, glue, or heat involved so they won’t slip out like other hair extensions.

–  The removal process is quick, painless, and only take 5 minutes!

–  There are fewer points of contact on your natural hair, which promotes healthy hair growth.

–  No one will know you have extensions unless you show them!

–  NBR is known for its signature blend. Using the highest quality of hand tied hair, which will last 4-6 months as well as endure the custom coloring process, and the extensions are custom colored by your stylist to ensure the perfect blend.

Jennifer. Bstyling Experience NBR

If you’re ready to experience the most Natural, Full, Lightweight, Comfortable, Instagram worthy hair of your life, click “Apply for NBR” below to get started.



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